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Find Answers to Sleep Disorders

Uncovering the mystery of your sleep issues doesn’t have to be an invasive or time-consuming process; for many patients struggling with insomnia, snoring, repeated awakenings, and daytime sleepiness, it can be as easy as going to sleep in your bed!

Through our home sleep testing services, patients can connect with leading sleep medicine specialists and technology without the need to visit a sleep lab or hospital.

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Leading Sleep Medicine Expertise for Overland Park, KS Residents

Meet the Sleep Dentist on a mission to help you start sleeping better! With a professional and personal background in managing and treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Dr. Randal Silver brings 20 years of expertise to the Overland Park community. Our facility can help you get a comprehensive sleep apnea study, ensuring that Overland Park, KS, residents receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Working with a dedicated Sleep Care Coordinator and supported memberships with the Academy of Sleep Medicine and International Sleep Academy, our team provides leading apnea care from a conveniently located facility.

Patient-Focused Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatments

Restful sleep can seem impossible when living with undiagnosed chronic sleep disorders! We understand how an apnea diagnosis can be daunting news, especially considering its impact on work and relationships. We support patients from initial consultation and diagnosis to successful management of their sleep condition.

Our Mission to Deliver High-Quality Care For People With Sleep Apnea

Our range of treatments, including alternative and holistic therapies, target the long-term management of apnea for improved patient outcomes. Our approaches enhance sleep quality and benefit overall health and lifestyle, so we help you get a comprehensive sleep apnea study at Overland Park, KS, to accurately assess and address sleep disorders.

Transform Your Life by Diagnosing Sleep Disorders in Overland Park, KS

Alongside our commitment to leading patient care, we aim to change perceptions of sleep medicine diagnosis and treatments. We work with the Overland community to increase understanding and awareness of sleep disorders. Browse our FAQs for frequently asked questions about Sleep Testing services, or contact the team directly to learn more.

Why is it Important to Diagnose Sleep Disorders?

Chronic sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea can have a significant impact on your life, restricting you from living to your full potential. If you’re in Overland Park, KS, and suspect you might have this condition, a sleep study test could be a crucial step toward a better quality of life. Imagine the opportunities available if you could lift the mask of chronic fatigue and constant sleepiness.

Treating sleep apnea may improve career performance and earning potential, create better relationships with family and friends, and increase motivation to explore fitness and hobbies.

What Are My Options For a Sleep Apnea Study?

A formal overnight sleep study is the only way to officially diagnose sleep apnea, even if you have multiple symptoms associated with the chronic breathing-related sleep disorder. The options for a sleep study test are an overnight stay in the hospital, or a home sleep test. A home sleep test allows you to take the test remotely from your own home.


Home Sleep Testing

For patients suspected of having mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea, home sleep testing devices can be a suitable alternative to the overnight hospital stay! Without the attachment of wires, monitoring, and surveillance from doctors in an unfamiliar sleep environment, many patients prefer the option of comfortable Home Sleep Testing. Another advantage for patients in Overland Park, KS includes scheduling sleep study at home tests around their work and other commitments, bringing further convenience to their ongoing medical care.


Sleep Labs and Pulmonary Sleep Study

Patients with certain health conditions or suspected severe, combined, or central sleep apnea may require more complex and comprehensive care from a hospital facility or sleep center. If you require in-lab testing, your primary care physician or doctor can advise you based on symptoms.


How Will a Diagnosis Help Me Achieve Better Sleep?

After a formal diagnosis from board-certified sleep specialists arranged directly by the Sleep Matters team, we will develop a unique, personalized treatment plan to support ongoing care, including a sleep study at home for patients in Overland Park, KS. The plan will focus on relieving and managing symptoms and achieving better-quality sleep.


What is the Patient Criteria For Home Sleep Tests?

If you’re struggling to achieve good quality sleep and have suffered from ongoing symptoms associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, our home sleep test services can help you connect with sleep specialists to diagnose your condition and begin effective treatment. Schedule an appointment with our dedicated dental sleep medicine today if you suffer from the following:

  • Morning headaches
  • Snoring
  • Insomnia
  • Ability to stay awake during the day (due to excessive sleepiness)

Or high-risk factors for sleep disorders, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • Family history of sleep disorders such as apnea

How Accurate Are Home Sleep Testing Devices?

Home testing devices’ flexibility and noninvasive nature have allowed patients to seek testing and diagnosis. Records show that the number of diagnoses has increased by 40%. Utilizing remote wireless technology, home sleep testing devices monitor the essential testing criteria for OSA through detailed analysis of bodily functions and behaviors.

Built with seven built-in sensors, our partner’s sleep study equipment provides 90% accuracy in testing for apnea by measuring heart rate, snoring, muscle movement, sleep staging, breathing, and more to review total sleep health.


Do I need a medical referral?

Patients can refer themselves to the clinic via their regular doctor or as a self-referral via the Contact Us form on our website. It’s important to discuss medical concerns with our sleep team or primary care physician, as difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep can lead to chronic sleep deprivation, which may lead to other health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms, our clinic offers a sleep study at home service for those in Overland Park, KS, ensuring a comfortable and convenient assessment of sleep disorders.


Your Sleep Health Journey in Overland Park, KS with a Sleep Study Test

After a formal diagnosis and discussion with your board-certified sleep physician, you will be invited back to our clinic to discuss the next steps for treatment with the team. We will explore a range of alternative treatment options and holistic therapies to provide long-term symptom relief and management of apnea. Patients diagnosed with severe sleep apnea or suspected of a different health condition may be eligible for referrals within our extensive medical network.

Begin Your Journey to Better Sleep with a Sleep Apnea Study in Overland Park, KS

Achieve better sleep and improve your health with the Sleep Matters team! Find answers to the daily struggle of sleep apnea symptoms, connecting you to reputable medical partners and advanced testing equipment to accurately diagnose sleep apnea. Our sleep medicine program in Overland Park, KS, offers comprehensive solutions for those suffering from sleep disorders. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation or for guidance with arranging a doctor’s referral from your primary care physician.