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What is sleep apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that causes a person to stop breathing temporarily when they are asleep. Our Sleep Matters team is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is the more commonly diagnosed and treatable type of sleep apnea, using alternative and holistic approaches for long-term management of the condition.

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We offer professional and high-quality care to the Kansas City region, guiding patients toward achieving more restful sleep with comprehensive medical screenings, accessible sleep testing, and a commitment to finding the right treatment for you.

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Medical Definition of Sleep Apnea

Many people do not understand what sleep apnea is and how it affects you. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that disrupts an individual’s breathing during sleep, primarily during the restorative stages that make muscles more relaxed.

If you’re a Kansas resident exploring support and treatments for ongoing sleep issues and symptoms, you may be wondering what is happening to your body during the night:

Muscles Relax During Deep Sleep

The body enters the restorative period of the sleep stages, known to many as ‘deep sleep’ to repair the body and process information. Here, the muscles begin to relax, and the risk of apnea episodes increases.

Apnea Episode Occurs

Structural issues in the airway, such as an abnormality or a build-up of tissue in the back of the mouth and throat, cause a partial or complete blockage for 10-30 seconds; the sound of snoring can accompany this in some cases.

Oxygen levels drop

With breathing restricted, oxygen levels in the blood start to drop – reducing the amount of oxygen supplied to the body’s tissues. This will cause patients to experience several debilitating daytime symptoms and potential long-term health issues that are associated with OSA, such as diabetes, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, mood disorders, and cardiovascular issues, just to name a few.

Brain Wakes Up

As the apnea episode continues, the brain sounds the alarm of low oxygen levels, alerting the body to wake up! The patient will usually wake up to symptoms of gasping or coughing.

It’s Time to Break the Sleep Apnea Cycle!

The American Medical Association reports more than 30 million US citizens suffer from sleep apnea, with multiple episodes occurring during the night. Fortunately, the positive outcomes have also been documented for many of those receiving treatments. Explore our treatment options at our Kansas City Clinic.

The Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea

Many people struggle with the symptoms of sleep apnea without knowing they have the condition! This can have a serious impact on health and quality of life. Knowledge is key for empowering patients to understand, manage, and overcome the challenges of OSA.

As many common signs of the condition take place during the night, our blog series explores the apnea clues to your sleep troubles you may be missing! Explore More Sleep Apnea Guidance and Research in our Blog Series.

FAQ: For New and Returning Sleep Apnea Kansas City Patients

The Sleep Matters Apnea team is committed to the delivery of high-quality care and treatments for sleep disorders, supporting patients with suspected or formally diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Please visit our contact us page for further guidance and queries regarding treatment and services.

What Are The Dangers of Untreated Sleep Apnea Signs?

A suspected or confirmed Obstructive Sleep Apnea case should be taken seriously to minimize the impact on a patient’s lifestyle and health. Milder symptoms include:

  • Morning headaches
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Mood issues

These can quickly progress to longer, severe health complications when left untreated. Reports have shown more advanced complications range from increased risk of injury, diabetes, periodontitis, cardiovascular diseases, and a reduced life span of up to 10-20 years.

What Makes Sleep Matters LLC Different To Other Clinics?

We’re dedicated to the delivery of high-quality care and treatments for sleep apnea to ensure patients’ health concerns are addressed as soon as possible. Our professional and personal experience with Obstructive Sleep Apnea sets us apart from many other providers in Missouri, enabling our team to develop an understanding of the realities of living with apnea and design our treatment plans to fit their individual needs.

I’m at High Risk Of Developing Sleep Apnea, What Can You Do For Me?

The risk factors for sleep apnea Kansas City residents face will determine how our team can best support them. For example, those who are at higher risk due to obesity can explore weight management programs through our clinic. If you are concerned you may be at high risk of apnea or are experiencing symptoms, contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation.

What Approaches Do You Use For Treatment?

The Sleep Matters Team has a professional interest in the alternative treatments and holistic therapies used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea. We aim to support as many patients as possible in Kansas City and nearby communities in sleeping easily without the restriction of a CPAP mask, utilizing modern treatment approaches such as oral device appliances and lifestyle changes for long-term management of OSA.

What Partnership/Endorsements Does The Sleep Matters Clinic Hold?

We believe the successful treatment of apnea starts with an understanding of the condition, which is why we work with leading medical boards, associations, and experts to ensure confidence in our practice. Our team uses recommendations supported by certified sleep physicians in all our treatment plans, with the additional approval of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Will You Accept HealthCare Insurance?

To improve the accessibility of healthcare in the Kansas City community, we provide a complimentary verification of insurance and benefits for patients, offering clear, transparent pricing during treatment and working closely with insurance providers. We work with most of the major carriers, and we also are a medicare provider, unlike most of the other dental sleep medicine providers in the area.

Do You Treat All Types of Sleep Apnea Kansas City Residents May Experience?

Our medical services focus on the management of obstructive sleep apnea Kansas City patient’s needs and the alternative therapies and treatments that allow patients to live freely without a CPAP machine. We can offer recommendations for referrals for other types of apnea, such as Central or Combined diagnosis, from providers in our professional network.

Custom-Fit Solution For Sleep Apnea Near Kansas City, KS

Our treatment plans are developed using our team’s professional and personal experience of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, creating comfortable and discreet solutions that meet the unique needs and lifestyle of the patient. From custom-fitted oral appliances to personalized lifestyle changes, it’s time to get a good night’s rest with the Sleep Matters team.

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High-quality Care Approved by American Academy of Sleep Medicine

All treatments at our Kansas City clinic have been carefully considered to align with the initiatives of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), dedicated to the advancement of sleep care and improving the sleep health of patients. Using our team’s bespoke expertise in dental medicine, sleep science, and endorsement of the AASM, discover high-quality solutions to obstructive sleep apnea Kansas City residents can access backed by professional medical societies.

Oral Appliances For Sleep Apnea Kansas City Residents Rely On

Choose a long-term treatment that offers a discreet, portable, and comfortable solution to OSA. Worn like a standard dental retainer, the Sleep Matters LLC oral appliance devices are custom-fitted to directly target the airway obstructions caused by apnea and reduce symptoms. Find out more.

Lifestyle Changes For Better Health and Reducing Symptoms

We believe in empowering our patients to take control of their sleep issues, through healthier lifestyle choices and holistic therapies, moving away from the restriction of CPAP and risks associated with complex surgeries. Explore positional therapy, weight management, and other holistic treatments with the Sleep Matters team.

Meet Our Dedicated Sleep Team

With 20 years of academic and professional practice in sleep-disordered breathing and dentistry, Dr. Randal Silver is on a mission to offer Kansas City residents comfortable, effective treatment alternatives without the need for CPAP therapy. Working with dedicated Sleep Care Coordinator, India Jose, Sleep Matters LLC supports patients in the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea using dental sleep medicine, holistic therapies, and convenient home testing equipment.


The Sleep Matters team is dedicated to offering accessible treatments and testing for sleep apnea near Kansas City, providing convenient home testing methods and alternative treatment methods to help the Kansas community achieve a good night’s rest! If you’re concerned that you may have sleep apnea symptoms, it’s time to take the first step towards more restful sleep and better health!

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