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Locals Use To Transform Their Sleep

Treat Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea without the limitations of a mask. The Sleep Matters LLC Dental Appliance range brings back the freedom of sleeping freely, away from the CPAP

Benefits of a Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea

Recommended by Sleep Science experts and approved by the FDA as an alternative apnea therapy, the Oral Appliance is quickly becoming a popular treatment choice for patients. Using a discreet, customized design that fits comfortably into the mouth, the device targets the positioning of the jaw and tongue to clear the airway, relieving and preventing apnea episodes.

Fitted For Optimum Symptom Relief

Patients already face a large number of discomfort and challenges as a result of their sleep disorder, which is why we make it our top priority to ensure our treatments offer a solution to their struggles rather than create an additional problem. Studies have shown that the more manageable and comfortable a therapy is, the greater the chance of a positive patient response. Custom-fitted devices are also more likely to produce symptom relief and have lower success rates, as they are built 100% to the shape of your body!

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Dental Appliance Expertise from Sleep Apnea Dentist in Independence, MO

If you’re seeking medical support for Sleep Apnea Symptoms or exploring alternative treatments such as Oral Dental Appliances, our Sleep Care Coordinator India Rose and Dr. Randal Silver are the Independence Base Sleep Care Duo ready to support you! Your Sleep Matters to us, so we offer complimentary consultations to all new Independence-based patients.

Ditch the CPAP and Choose Dental Appliances

Breathe easy with high-quality Dental Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, offering a safe, non-invasive treatment that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle.

Discreet, Portable Design

Sleep Apnea should not stop you from embracing life! Our oral devices come with a safe-to-store, discreet travel container, allowing patients to enjoy vacations, date nights, and work trips without transporting bulky CPAP equipment.

Simple Set-Up

Ever tried camping with a CPAP or powering up the machine during an outage? With oral devices, an electric source is not required, allowing you to sleep peacefully without the hook-up of a power supply.

Comfortable to Wear

As the oral device, made by our skilled dentist, is fitted to the size and shape of your mouth and teeth, you can rest peacefully without the discomfort, irritation, invasive equipment, or obnoxious noise of a CPAP machine. These devices are a part of our commitment to providing alternatives to traditional CPAP therapy, focusing on custom-made appliances that offer comfort and effectiveness in treating sleep apnea. Our appliances are designed with patient comfort and ease of use, ensuring a better night’s sleep without the typical drawbacks of other treatment methods.

Easy Maintenance

Like a standard retainer, our oral devices for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, made specifically to fit the unique structure of your teeth, are easy to clean and maintain. These devices, recommended by our experienced dentist, are an effective alternative to the traditional CPAP machine, offering a more comfortable solution for many patients. Follow-up appointments are required to ensure a positive response to treatment and to check the appliance is in good condition. Our clinic ensures that each appliance is optimally designed and maintained for the best patient experience.

Two Years of Symptom Relief With Oral Appliance Therapy

“Dr. Silver and his staff are very caring and professional – I am delighted with all their services. They have been meeting my needs with the oral appliance that I have been using for my sleep apnea for the past 2 years.”

– Gail Cocco

Relieving Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring Symptoms

Although oral devices are applied and used like a standard retainer, sleep apnea dental appliances, including an appliance designed to keep the upper airway open, specifically target apnea episodes for immediate symptom relief, at our center, we utilize digital technology to tailor these appliances for each individual precisely. Browse three specialized oral devices provided by reputable medical suppliers and select carefully based on medical history and severity of condition for Sleep Matters LLC patients. This approach ensures that each patient receives a device that optimally addresses their specific needs and contributes to more effective management of sleep apnea.


Mandibular Advancement Apnea Treatment

Fine-tuned to the size of your mouth and adjustable for optimum comfort, the Mandibular Advancement Device targets the upper and lower teeth, supporting jaw position, tongue, and soft palate to keep the airways open.


Tongue Retaining Oral Devices

Focusing primarily on the tongue, our retainer devices prevent the airway from obstruction. They come fully adjustable and shaped to the individual for the best results.


Hybrid Dental Appliances

Incorporating key elements of the tongue retainer and mandibular device, this position holds both the tongue and repositions the jaw in an ideal place to prevent or reduce apnea episodes effectively.

How Do They Work?

Despite the successful treatment rates for apnea patients and the convenience for daily use, the science behind dental appliances, particularly the mandibular advancement oral appliance, is incredibly specialized and complex! Using accurate impressions of a person’s mouth in Independence, MO, the dental appliance for sleep apnea is fitted to hold the jaw slightly open and forward during sleep, a technique known as mandibular advancement. This encourages air to move freely to the lungs and prevents the collapse of the tongue or soft tissues in the throat. Our office has the latest technology to ensure each appliance is perfectly tailored to the individual’s needs.

The Results

The reduction of apnea episodes and steady breathing over the night relieves apnea symptoms during the day for the patient, promoting a healthier lifestyle and better overall management of the condition. Success rates suggest a 52% decrease in apnea episodes for mild to moderate patients, 60% for moderate only, and 42% for severe cases. These measurements are based on the reduction of less than ten apnea/hypopneas per hour.

Approved By Experts

All treatments at our Independence clinic have been carefully considered to align with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) initiatives dedicated to advancing sleep care and improving patients’ sleep health.

Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance Innovations In Independence, MO

The Sleep Matters LLC team, specializing in sleep dentistry, applies both the professional and personal experience of Obstructive Sleep Apnea to our practice, developing a unique treatment experience for every patient in the Independence area using real-life scenarios and experiences. Led by Dr. Randal Silver, who has 20 years of experience in academic and professional experience in the field of oral appliance therapy, and patient coordinator India Jones – we’ve been delivering high-quality care and alternative treatments to CPAP therapy for those living with the complexities of apnea. Our approach often includes oral appliances, a key focus in our practice. These appliances are a comfortable alternative to the traditional CPAP machine and are tailored to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with sleep apnea. With various oral appliances available, we ensure a personalized fit for each patient.

Navigating the 6-Step Process for Your Customized Dental Sleep Apnea Device

Sleep Matter’s Oral appliances, including sleep apnea dental devices, are explicitly fitted to the size of your mouth and the alignment of your teeth, shaped comfortably to allow you to sleep easily at night and discreetly stored away for travel or safekeeping during the day. These appliances, designed as an alternative to traditional CPAP machines in Independence, MO, offer a less invasive sleep apnea dental appliance option. Following a 6-step professional fitting process, you can trust your oral appliance, a type of dental device, is fit for purpose for immediate and optimum symptom relief.

Step One: Get In Touch

As dental sleep specialists, we understand the importance of personalized care, so we don’t offer our appliances for direct order without consulting with you first. To get started, we recommended contacting a team member directly using our online form, telephone, or visiting our Independence clinic to discuss your needs.


Step Two: Consultation

After your initial contact with us, we’ll arrange a consultation with the Dental Sleep team to discuss medical history, past treatments, and the benefits of an oral appliance! This consultation can be performed at our Independence-based clinic or virtually, depending on preferences.


Step Three: Evaluation

Before starting oral appliance therapy, we must ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy to reduce any risk of pain, infections, and treatment failure. Our team will evaluate the jaw, teeth, and airways, choosing the most suitable appliance based on our professional expertise.

Step Four: At-Home Sleep Test

If you’re not formally diagnosed with sleep apnea, we may need to arrange a sleep test and further examinations to confirm the condition. These can be arranged by the Sleep Matters team and sent directly to your door. Find out more about our home sleep test services.

Step Five: Begin Treatment

We’ll invite you to attend our Independence Clinic for a fitting appointment, where the team will create unique dental impressions of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit of the device and optimum treatment results. This will also be an opportunity to review treatment plans and discuss financial coverage if applicable.

Step Six: Follow-Up

There will be an adjustment period as you get used to your sleep apnea dental appliance in Independence, MO, which is designed explicitly for sleep apnea dental devices. You may experience slight discomfort and have questions regarding usage and maintenance during this time. Our Sleep Matters team, specializing in sleep apnea appliance therapy, will arrange a dedicated follow-up to check in on your treatment and review changes in symptoms for full patient support in the adjustment period. It’s important to remember that these appliances, much like a CPAP machine, are crucial for managing your condition effectively. You must attend this face-to-face at our clinic to ensure your teeth and oral health benefit from the treatment.

Exploring Treatment Options with Your Sleep Apnea Dentist

1. How Does a Dentist Treat Sleep Apnea?

Oral appliance therapy, or a dental appliance, is the most common treatment for sleep apnea provided by our sleep apnea dentist in Independence, MO. You can also explore Home Sleep Apnea testing with Sleep Matters LLC.

2. Can a Dentist Cure Sleep Apnea?

It’s important to note that Obstructive Sleep Apnea is not usually curable, and all treatment methods, including using a dental device for sleep apnea in Independence, MO, are focused on symptom relief and managing the condition. However, specialists in Dental Medicine with the appropriate training can treat apnea, such as Dr. Randal Silver at Sleep Matters LLC. You can learn more about his professional experience and credentials here.

3. How Long Do They Take to Work?

Symptom relief should be instant from day one of commencing treatment, although patients may require several weeks to adjust to their device. Ongoing symptoms can be discussed with the team or at your follow-up appointment. These are usually a result of adjusting to the fitting of the device before bedtime.

4. What Are the Success Rates?

Oral appliances receive positive feedback from most of our patients, with many reporting a reduction in symptoms and increased comfort during the night compared to a CPAP.

5. Are They Available For Other Types of Treatment?

We offer oral appliances for more than just Obstructive Sleep Apnea! Dental appliances can also be worn to reduce and eliminate snoring episodes, showing positive outcomes for patients with mild to moderate snoring. Find out more about Sleep Matters Snoring Treatments. 

6. Will I Experience Any Discomfort or Pain?

Similar to fitting our dental retainer or mouthpiece, it is expected to feel slight discomfort or pain, such as irritation or rubbing against the gums, when adjusting to the dental appliance for sleep apnea in Independence, MO. Your brain will also need time to adjust to wearing a device in your mouth during sleep, which may create uncomfortable feelings for around two to three weeks.

7. How Long Will it Take to Recieve My Dental Device?

As our dental device range is custom-fitted to your mouth size, we must create an impression to ensure appliances are molded to the ideal shape. This can take a week or so to develop, and patients will need to attend the clinic to create the impressions and initial fitting once the device is created.

8. What Payments Options Are Available?

Patients are encouraged to check their insurance plans to ensure coverage of their dental appliances, consultants, and follow-up appointments. We work closely with major insurance providers to verify healthcare payments for our treatment plans. Contact our team today for a complimentary verification of insurance and benefits.

9. Where Are You Located?

Our Sleep Matters clinic is conveniently located in Independence, Missouri, offering Dental Sleep Medicine treatments to the local community and patients across the local area.

Custom Dental Device for Sleep Apnea Solutions in Independence, MO

More than 30 million US citizens suffer from Sleep Apnea, according to the American Medical Association, yet many continue to struggle with daily symptoms and the restrictions of CPAP therapy. The Sleep Matters team, led by a skilled dentist focusing on dental health’s impact on sleep disorders, is particularly interested in alternative apnea treatments for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), applying professional and personal experiences to provide realistic approaches to managing the condition. From our advanced sleep apnea dental appliance treatments in Independence, MO, that cater to the unique structures of patients’ teeth to holistic therapies, we’re the clinic ready to improve the sleep of the Independence community. Our appliances, which include more than just CPAP machines, offer various options to suit individual needs.