Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances Kansas City, MO

Embraces for Improved Sleep Quality

Discover high-quality Dental Appliance treatments for Sleep Apnea and Snoring from the Sleep Matters team, available to patients in Kansas City and surrounding suburbs.

How a Sleep Apnea Dentist Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Over 30 million US citizens suffer from Sleep Apnea, a condition that can lead to poor quality of life, health complications, and delibating symptoms. If you’re a resident of Kansas City, tired of sleeping with a CPAP mask, or exploring treatment options for a recent apnea diagnosis, Dental Appliances could be your answer to better quality sleep!

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Innovative Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea Solutions in Kansas City

Designed with the discreet nature of the standard dental retainer, the oral appliance is an FDA-approved apnea treatment recommended by sleep experts and delivered by Sleep Dentists across the globe, including those specializing in the sleep apnea dental appliance in Kansas City, MO. Using advanced dental technology and medical research, this retainer device repositions the jaw and tongue effectively to treat mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Optimum Symptom Relief With Dental Appliances

Recommended by Sleep Science experts as an Obstructive Sleep Apnea therapy, the Oral Appliance offers an alternative to the CPAP with a 90% patient success rate in mild to moderate cases. The device works by repositioning or holding a patient’s jaw and mouth in place, reducing apnea episodes and providing symptom relief.

As the appliance is molded uniquely to an individual’s mouth size and shape, the treatment offers optimum symptom relief with little to no side effects.

The Effectiveness of Dental Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Dental sleep medicine is a specialty in dentistry that focuses on treating sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and provides alternative treatment approaches for obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

Medically Certified Sleep Apnea Treatments

Working with the guidance of medical sleep specialists and memberships with the Academy of Sleep Medicine (ADSM) and American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA), the Sleep Matters team offers high-quality, oral appliance therapy to residents across Kansas City for long-term management of OSA. 

Meet the Sleep Matters Team

The Sleep Matters LLC is led by a team of Sleep Apnea professionals who bring their own experiences of sleep disorders to deliver compassionate and dedicated patient care across Missouri. With 20 years of academic and professional practice in sleep-disordered breathing and dentistry, Dr. Randal Silver and his Sleep Care coordinator, India Jose, have been helping patients from the Sleep Matters clinic achieve restful quality sleep.

Personalized Care with Sleep Apnea Dental Device in Kansas City, MO

The more comfortable and easy-to-use treatment is, the higher the chance our patients have of experiencing positive treatment outcomes. This is why our Sleep Matters team is dedicated to finding manageable solutions to Obstructive Sleep apnea with long-term success rates.

Fitted For Optimum Symptom Relief

Custom-fitted devices are molded to the shape of your body, providing a comfortable treatment approach designed specifically to your needs and requirements. Overall, oral appliances for apnea have shown to have up to 80% success in the reduction of mild to moderate sleep apnea cases, with a 52% decrease in mild diagnosis, 60% for moderate and 42% for severe cases, based on the reduction of less than ten apnea/hypopneas per hour.

Advancements in Dental Device for Sleep Apnea Technology

Sourced by reputable medical suppliers and custom fitted by the Sleep Matters Team, our Dental Appliance range is available to Kansas City residents, with a specialized sleep apnea dentist in Kansas City providing fitting, follow-ups, and ongoing care from our clinic, with three high-quality devices designed to relieve sleep apnea symptoms efficiently.

Mandibular Advancement Apnea Treatment

Our Mandibular Advancement devices support the jaw, tongue, and soft palate, helping to keep your airways open and obstruction-free during the night. Fine-tuned to the size of your mouth by our clinic team and adjustable for optimum comfort, the Mandibular Device provides around 65-80% effectiveness compared to CPAP therapy.

Tongue Retaining Oral Devices

Our Tongue Retaining Devices are developed with a soft plastic splint for repositioning the tongue and holding it forward to prevent blockages to the throat during sleep. These devices have been shown to reduce nightly awakenings caused by apnea episodes and improve daytime symptoms.

Hybrid Dental Appliances

Taking the key benefits of the Tongue Retainer and Mandibular Device, our Hybrid range incorporates tongue and jaw repositioning simultaneously – preventing airway obstruction, reducing apnea episodes, and relieving symptoms.

Adopting Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance for Better Sleep in Kansas City, MO

Discover a specialized medical treatment compacted into a discreet, retainer-style design! There are many reasons why Sleep Apnea patients in Kansas City, MO, are ditching the CPAP machine and choosing to sleep mask-free with the Sleep Matters oral appliance range, thanks to our expert sleep apnea dentist.

Short Adjustment Period

Like any medical treatment or therapy, a slight adjustment period is expected to get used to sleeping with your device and how to keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning. Patients may feel discomfort around the gum area for up to two to three weeks. However, adjustments from our professional sleep team can easily rectify this.

Adaptable to the Bedroom

We’ve eliminated the CPAP from the bedroom, where sleeping with a mask, hooked up to electric sources, and the whirring of the machines is no longer part of a standard, relaxing night of rest. Simply put the retainer-style device into your mouth before bed and remove it in the morning!

Insurance Approved

We work closely with all major insurance providers to ensure adequate coverage for treatments for Kansas City residents*, verifying entitlement and benefits for our patients to eliminate the additional stresses of an apnea diagnosis. 

Discreet Design

Dental appliances remove the barriers of Sleep Apnea for patients in more than symptom relief! Our Sleep Matters oral device therapies bring spontaneity to your life with a handy and discreet travel container to provide continued symptom relief on vacations, date nights, and business trips.

*Patients are always encouraged to check their insurance plans to ensure coverage of their dental appliances, consultations, and follow-up appointments.

5 Star Feedback From Sleep Apnea Patients

“Friendly staff. Very accommodating to my busy schedule and my appliance has been a game changer regarding sleep disruption.”

– Jill, Patient.

Sleep Apnea Dentist Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

We accept patients from across Kansas City to evaluate their sleep behavior and investigate ongoing symptoms comprehensively. If you’re formally diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in Kansas City, MO, and exploring new treatments or recently learned that you are at high risk of developing the disorder, you may be eligible for a sleep apnea dental appliance therapy.

Our Dental Appliance Therapy Criteria:

  • Patients diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea 
  • Patients with confirmation of a normal anatomical structure applicable to dental treatment (we can provide assessments of the neck and throat when necessary)
  • People who have tried CPAP therapy and have experienced side effects or discomfort 
  • Residents who can attend in-person appointments for fittings and follow-ups 
  • Patients suspected of sleep apnea and comfortable undergo screenings and testing for the condition provided in the clinic
  • Good oral hygiene practices, free from any infections or injuries that may impact the success of treatment

Contact Us For Your Initial Consultation

Adults living with a sleep apnea diagnosis or struggling with potential symptoms should discuss any concerns with a medical professional, including a dentist who specializes in this area. Patients can request a referral to our team or contact us directly for a consultation on oral appliances and therapy options. We offer virtual consultations for initial appointments, assessments, and fittings in person at our clinic, providing comprehensive therapy for sleep apnea.

Streamlined Dental Fittings, Immediate Sleep Apnea Relief

Delays and disruptions to treatment plans can significantly impact our patient’s medical condition and their trust in our ongoing care delivery. We strive to provide efficiency in all appointments, consultations, and apnea treatment services, including our dental appliance therapies in Kansas City, MO, which feature the latest sleep apnea dental appliance and oral appliances. Our state-of-the-art digital imaging technology ensures precise fittings for every patient.

Fast and Reliable Dental Molding and Fittings

Patients should receive their device for fittings around a week after visiting the clinic to take digital impressions, with symptom relief from the first night of commencing treatment with your sleep apnea dental appliance. Our focus on maintaining an open airway during sleep is integral to the effectiveness of these treatments.

From Consultation to Treatment: Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea in Kansas City

Our Sleep Matters clinic, a center for Dental Sleep Medicine treatments, is conveniently located in Missouri. If you’re a Kansas City, Missouri, resident eligible for a dental device for sleep apnea therapy, including sleep apnea appliances and oral appliances, here is our 6-step professional fitting process to help you get the good night’s rest you deserve! Our office is fully equipped with the latest appliances to ensure the highest quality of care. Additionally, we take special care in fitting upper oral devices tailored to each patient’s unique needs.


Step One: Get in Touch

Our high dental sleep medicine practice standards require us to treat every patient with individualized care and consideration in our treatment plan. All dental appliances in the clinic are available by prescription only through appointments, consultations, and follow-ups with a member of our sleep team. Contact us today to get started.


Step Two: Consultation

Once we’ve received your request, we’ll arrange a consultation with the Dental Sleep team to get a detailed overview of your medical history, past treatments, and any investigations you’ve done for sleep issues previously. Depending on your preferences, this consultation can be performed virtually or in person at our clinic.


Step Three: Evaluation

We’ll invite you to a face-to-face appointment to ensure we get an accurate overview of your overall physical and oral health through a comprehensive assessment with our sleep team. Here, we’ll confirm that your teeth and mouth are healthy for the treatment with us and discuss your personalized treatment plan and any further tests required to move forward.


Step Four: At-Home Sleep Test

For patients without a formal diagnosis, we may be required to perform a sleep test and screening to confirm a sleep disorder. This can be conveniently arranged by our Sleep Matters team and sent directly to your door with our comfortable, easy-to-use home sleep study services and equipment.


Step Five: Begin Treatment

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea either with us or a previous clinic, we will arrange an in-person appointment to take impressions of your mouth for a customized fit of a dental device. A second appointment with one of our dedicated team will also be required for the first fitting of your oral appliance.


Step Six: Follow-Up

Finally, step six! Many patients report improved symptoms and better sleep with their new sleep apnea dental device. As part of our ongoing care, we will arrange a dedicated follow-up at this stage to check in on treatment and review changes in symptoms. You will be required to attend this face-to-face at our clinic.

Experience Quality Care with a Dedicated Sleep Apnea Dentist

Your Sleep Matters to us, so we offer complimentary consultations Contact us today to get started on your sleep apnea dental appliance therapy treatment plan in Kansas City. Our team specializes in sleep apnea dental devices and sleep apnea appliances, ensuring that your treatment is tailored specifically to your needs. At Sleep Matters, we understand the importance of sleep dentistry in managing conditions like sleep apnea. Our dentist is skilled in fitting oral devices that are comfortable and effective. We are committed to helping our patients maintain healthy teeth while addressing any pain associated with sleep apnea.